Soulstice London

Wellness Crystal Pouch


A wonderful little collections of tumblestones to help you give you that boost.

Aventurine (green)

Positivity • Healing

A positive stone, enhancing creativity and physical wellness. It helps to stabilise and calm emotions.

Carnelian (Orange)

Grounding • Creativity

A high energy stone, stimulating the energy of courage and creativity.

Mookaite (red/yellow)


A beautiful yellow and blood red nurturing stone to support during times of stress.  Mookaite can help bring a sense of peace and help with decision making.



A stone for inner strength. A stone to calm excessive energy in the system. Enhances motivation & willpower through dull tasks and projects, great for exams.


Dimension: approx 2cm

All our stones are natural and therefore vary slightly in colour.
Crystals are recommended for their energy vibration from their formation, we do not recommend them as a replacement for necessary medical treatment. Please seek professional medical advice if so needed.