Will You Be My Bridesmaid Pouch (4 Crystal options)


The perfect way to ask your beautiful friends if they will be your bridesmaid on your special day.

We have four options to choose from; Rose Quartz Heart, Rose Quartz bottle, Fluorite bottle, Aquamarine bottle.

If you would like us to personalise your note in the pouch please let us know the names of your bridesmaids.

Aquamarine (blue)

Calming • Clarity

A soothing and calming stone. Helps to bring clarity to a situation and calm anger, fear and past emotional trauma.


Clarity • Balance

Grounds excess energy and unwanted mental influences. Can help to heighten intuitive and spiritual powers.

Rose Quartz (Pink)

Love • Peace • Harmony

A beautiful calming stone that radiates love for yourself and others. Increases feelings of compassion for your path and others.