Soulstice London

Summer Solstice Crystal Pouch


Summer Solstice, the official start to the summer. A time for for your Soul to shine, a time for your energy to flow. Feel the sun radiate through you bringing courage, creativity and positivity. A brilliant time to set those goals, do your vision boards and manifest! 


Carnelian (Orange heart)

Grounding • Creativity

A high energy stone, stimulating the energy of courage and creativity.

Citrine (rough orange)

Cleansing • Energising • Success

A powerful stone of personal will, mental clarity and manifestation. A great stone for aiding success in work and life goals.

Rutilated Quartz (clear with gold lines)

An illuminator for the soul. A crystal known to cleanse and energise the Aura enabling increased awareness of intuition. Helping to release negative energies and letting go of the past.

Sunstone (peach with orange markings)


A stone to bring you the positivity and energy of the sun. Use to alleviate stress, heighten intuition and promote balance for your soul to shine.