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Success and Ambition Crystal Set

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A gorgeous selection of crystals, chosen for bringing success and ambition in all areas of your life.


Grounding • Creativity

A high energy stone, stimulating the energy of courage and creativity.


Cleansing • Energising • Success

A powerful stone of personal will, mental clarity and manifestation. A great stone for aiding success in work and life goals.

Clear Quartz (point and Tumblestone)


The master healer and amplier of other crystals energies. A high spiritual stone perfect for manifestation and regulating energy.


Clarity • Balance

Used to release excess energy and unwanted mental influences. Can help to heighten intuitive and spiritual powers.

Garnet (dark red)


A stone that inspires courage and hope. Garnet is used to revitalise and bring balance.

Tigers Eye

Balance • Confidence • Protection 

A protective stone, holding a vibration of strength, creativity and motivation. 


Details: Comes in a natural colour Soulstice pouch with a card description. You can also upgrade to a Soulstice box, let us know in the notes section at checkout.

Available either in a pouch or gift wrapped in a box.

Dimensions: Fluorite approx 3cm, Citrine approx 2cm, tumblestones approx 2cm, Quartz approx 3cm

All our stones are natural and therefore vary slightly in colour.
Crystals are recommended for their energy vibration from their formation, we do not recommend them as a replacement for necessary medical treatment. Please seek professional medical advice if so needed. 

Amethyst turns into Citrine after experiencing very high temperatures of 300-400 C. Natural citrine is more rare and therefore more expensive. Man-heated citrine has still endured the same heat process but by man. The theory is that it is the heat process that changes the energy in the stone giving it a different healing vibration, for heat-treated citrine to still have an motivating, high energy vibration.