Soulstice London

Rose Quartz Aura Pocket Stone (tumblestone)


When a crystal is bonded with a fine layer of vaporised platinum or gold through high heat treatment it creates a Rainbow Aura appearance. This combination not only looks beautiful but it also increases the crystals vibration making them gorgeous energy pieces to have around you. 

Rose Quartz Aura is bonded with Platinum.

LOVE ∙ COMPASSION ∙ UNDERSTANDING                                       

A beautiful calming stone that radiates love for yourself and others. Increases feelings of compassion for your path and others. The Aura brings joy and optimism radiating energy. 


Dimensions: approx 3cm

Price is for one Crystal. 

Our stones are natural and therefore may vary slightly in size and colour.

Crystals are recommended for their energy vibration from their formation, we do not recommend them as a replacement for necessary medical treatment. Please seek professional medical advice if so needed.