New Moon in Gemini - what to expect

New Moon in Gemini - what to expect

June 6 marks the new moon in Gemini. But what does this mean for us in our daily lives? We speak to Soulstice's creative producer, not to mention our resident astrological guru Audree Barvé , on what it’s all about.

Soulstice [S]: Can you break down the new moon vs full moon concept?

Audree [A]: New moons are about new things, planting seeds, and beginnings. The moon as a cosmic object in astrology represents the emotional, unconscious, and internal worlds. By contrast, the sun is the external and the conscious. So, when we have moon events, they are inherently emotional, which is why people can feel charged. The moon is about the tides and waters within us, and the waters are emotions. So, new moons are about invitations and beginnings while full moons are about culminations and endings and the harvesting of the fruits that you planted during the new moon period. The moon cycles are monthly. So you set intentions on the new moon during the next few weeks, and sometimes you're able to see those come to fruition or begin fruition.

S: How does this relate to the new moon in Gemini?

A: It's about setting intentions and beginnings. Also, this is within the sign of Gemini. As these are Gemini characteristics, it's emotional. So there might be something about setting intentions about the way you relate to others, the connections you have in your life, and looking at the circle around you, is it the circle that you want to create around you? You can also look at the fun parts of Gemini like, do you have moments of lightness in your day? Are you able to access playfulness and expression? It’s going to be different for everyone.

S: Can you set intentions during the new moon even if you’re not a Gemini?

A: Anyone can do it. But, if it is your sign, or you have a lot of placements in this area in your astrological chart, it could bring up a lot for you. It’s a good time to keep a note of things and how you’re feeling. But yes, it affects everyone, but those with more placements in this area could feel it more intensely.

S: Can you give us examples of what sort of intentions we can set during this time?

A: It’s a good time to pose reflective questions, your relationship with social media is one example, and see if there are any intentions you want to set in that space. You can also pause to reflect on how you interact, connect and express yourself on a day-to-day basis. Gemini is all about the day-to-day.

S: What things can we do to combat negative feelings during this period?

A: If you find yourself too in your feelings, bring it back to movement and the body. Gemini is about air, and that’s where anxiety goes, so it’s important to try and ground ourselves back in the body. Practise is a healthy way of exerting mental energy rather than spiralling into worry, fear and anxiety. So it might be that there's a way to ground words and thoughts into something. “I’m not good enough,” is a classic one, so change this to “I am enough.” Then, in true Gemini fashion, look yourself in the mirror, and say it. Or take a piece of paper and turn your affirmation into art, or go on a bike ride and yell it! You could even get together with a friend and tell each other how amazing the other person is, again it’s that kind of Gemini relational thing, it could even be part of a healing circle, which is something we offer here at Soulstice . Because Gemini is an air sign, we can always link it to breath work and work with the air to become grounded. Using crystals that help with grounding is also good, and Soulstice offers a selection of these! Simple prompts work too, such as placing your palm on a tree trunk and taking five.