Soulstice London

PRIDE necklace



A very special necklace with a lot of meaning behind it to celebrate the 50th anniversary and going forward for another 50 years and beyond.

Pride originally started as an annual demonstration to remind Americans that LGBT (as then used) did not receive the basic civil rights and protections. The annual demonstrations have since gone world wide and are exercised as either demonstrations or celebrations.

Pride Parade happens the weekend around July 4th, which is when the earlier demonstrations occurred. People line the streets to support, celebrate and shine a light on the equalities for all LGBTQIA humans.

We celebrate and acknowledge everything the LGBTQIA community has fought for and we will strive to do as much as we can to support anyone with a human energy to nurture and inspire ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Our necklace combines 6 crystals representing the six colours of the Pride flag connected by a clear quartz point, which is the master healer.

Red Jasper (Red)
A grounding stone that calms the emotions and enhances physical endurance and stamina.

Carnelian (orange)
A high energy stone, stimulating the energy of courage, positivity and creativity.

Citrine (yellow)
A powerful stone of personal will, mental clarity and manifestation. A great stone for aiding success in work and life goals.

Jade (green)
A protective stone, bringing harmony and inner peace & tranquility.

Angelite (blue)
A peaceful, calming and healing stone for comfort and understanding. Physical and emotional healing.

A grounding and protective stone, great for reducing anxiety and relieving stress. A perfect stone for by your bed with it aiding sleep and insomnia.

A percentage of the profits of this necklace will be donated charities working within the LGBTQIA community ✨

Chain: 18” Chain, available in either Gold Vermeil (gold plating on Sterling Silver) or Solid 9ct Gold.

Crystals: Red Jasper, carnelian, citrine, jade, angelite and amethyst, separated with mini quartz points.

A percentage of the profits of this necklace will be donated charities working within the LGBTQIA community ✨