Soulstice London

Focus Crystal Set


Our Focus Crystal Set has been designed for those moments in life when you could use a little help with centring and preparing.  

Scentered therapy balms are a brilliant way to bring essential oils into a moment, without the oily mess.

FOCUS balm promotes concentration and clarity of thought. It is ideal to use before an important meeting, sports match, exam or whenever else you need to be mentally alert, fully present and engaged. 


Clear Quartz (clear)


The master healer and amplier of other crystals energies. A high spiritual stone perfect for manifestation and regulating energy. 

Fluorite (green/purple)


Grounds excess energy and unwanted mental influences. Can help to heighten intuitive and spiritual powers. A beautiful stone for concentration, ideal for having when working, preparing for exams or a big interview/presentation. 

Red Jasper (dark red)


A grounding stone that calms the emotions and enhances physical endurance & stamina.


All our crystals come in a pastel pink pouch with description cards. If you would like a natural colour pouch instead let us know in the note section at checkout.