Sparkle Ring - Pink Tourmaline

Sparkle Ring - Pink Tourmaline

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These rings represent hope, love and togetherness for yourself or for whoever you choose to gift one to.
The sparkle, the twinkle, the beautiful colours of the crystals. The shape of the circle which represents eternity, infinity, continuity and timelessness.
While the world may seem to be falling around us, if we can try to cling on to hope, love and togetherness we will ride this tidal wave to the safety of the shore.

These rings are made with expandable thread, so each size can be worn on a few different fingers. If you do not see your size, choose any size and email me at after you have purchased to let me know which size you would like and I will make it up for you.


Pink Tourmaline


Truly release blockages around the heart and stimulate the vibration of full heart opening with this stone. Pink tourmaline is a stone of true forgiveness. Allowing the user to release pain, guilt and resentment to really allow the heart to open and as a result to be able to give and receive love more fully. Because of this stone’s high lithium content its vibration is very soothing and calm, stimulating and aiding in feelings of deep relaxed joy. This is a very powerful transformational stone for deep healing and growth.  Pink tourmaline stimulates the heart chakra.

Details: Pink Tourmaline with a gold detail bead.

Sizes: 44/F, 48/I, 52/M, 54/N, 56/P, 59/R

Birthstone: November 

All our stones are natural and therefore vary slightly in colour.