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Self-Care for Him Gift Set

Self-Care for Him Gift Set

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A perfect present for that guy in your life. Combining eco-friendly, organic and natural products for that little bit of self care that we all need. 


Wild Nutrition Food-Grown Men’s Multi Vitamins

Wild Nutrition Food-Grown Vit C 

Bambaw Organic Cotton buds with Bamboo sticks

Scentered Focus Balm

Raw Tigers Eye 

Raw Tourmaline



Grounding • Protecting • Purifying

The ultimate grounding stone. Helps to clear surroundings of imbalance and toxicity. Good for EMF protection.

Tigers Eye

Balance • Confidence • Protection 

A protective stone, holding a vibration of strength, creativity and motivation. 

All our stones are natural and therefore vary slightly in colour.
Crystals are recommended for their energy vibration from their formation, we do not recommend them as a replacement for necessary medical treatment. Please seek professional medical advice if so needed.