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Pink Tourmaline Rough

Pink Tourmaline Rough

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This incredible rough Pink Tourmaline has flashes of Aquamarine forming in the matrix.

Soulstice Rough Crystals are in their natural state and really quite beautiful to hold. The energy that radiates from them is something quite special as you imagine them in the deep caves towards the centre of the earth.



Truly release blockages around the heart and stimulate the vibration of full heart opening with this stone. Pink tourmaline is a stone of true forgiveness. Allowing the user to release pain, guilt and resentment to really allow the heart to open and as a result to be able to give and receive love more fully. Because of this stone’s high lithium content its vibration is very soothing and calm, stimulating and aiding in feelings of deep relaxed joy. This is a very powerful transformational stone for deep healing and growth. Pink tourmaline stimulates the heart chakra.

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Dimensions: approx 8 x 4.5 x 2

Weight: 147g