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Decadorn Gold Birthstone earrings - April Herkimer Diamond

Decadorn Gold Birthstone earrings - April Herkimer Diamond

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A pair of miniature raw gemstone studs, dipped in 18ct gold, unpolished and perfectly natural. 

Herkimer Diamond, the Birthstone for April.

A diamond, just the more affordable kind. These doubly terminated quartz crystals are found in Herkimer county, New York. These crystals have the typical hexagonal form of quartz, however they have a termination (point) at both ends and beautiful unique rutilations inside.

  • Mini raw cut gemstone
  • 18ct Gold plated stem and butterfly back for pieced ears
  • Approximately 6-8mm 
  • Birth Month card included
  • Other semi-precious stones available in the birthstone collection