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Decadorn Citrine Gold Mini Raw Cut Gemstone Pendant

Decadorn Citrine Gold Mini Raw Cut Gemstone Pendant

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This natural Citrine crystal has been raw cut showcasing the stones purity and transparency. The back and edges have been carefully gold plated to height light the semi-precious crystals. The crystal may have inclusions, clouds and raw edges, adding to the uniqueness of each and every piece.

Naturally sourced from Brazil we select varied and original pieces to ensure every item is truly one of a kind.

"A powerful stone of personal will, mental clarity and manifestation. This stone stimulates optimism and decisiveness creating a vibration of strength to make tough choices if needed with confidence and clarity. Dispelling emotional heaviness leaving a clearer more confident mind space".


  • Natural raw cut Citrine crystal pendant
  • Citrine is thought to promote Success and creativity and is the birthstone of November
  • Pendant dipped in 18ct gold
  • Suspended on 18" gold dipped 22ct chain. 
  • Pendant approximately 10mm diameter.
  • Larger pendant available on 24" Chain
There are other semi-precious gemstones available, thought to have the following meanings

Clear Quartz - Master Healing

Amethyst - Calm, Serenity, Peace of Mind

All stones are natural and therefore vary slightly in colour.

Crystals are recommended for their energy vibration from their formation, we do not recommend them as a replacement for necessary medical treatment. Please seek professional medical advice if so needed.