Body Renew Crystal Gift Set

Body Renew Crystal Gift Set

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A beautiful gift box with nourishing, natural beauty products and a crystal chosen for its physical and emotional healing properties.

Aventurine Medium Heart 

The aventurine heart is a positive crystal, enhancing creativity and physical wellness. It helps to stabilise and calm emotions.

Up Circle Body Scrub - Coffee and Tangerine 200ml

  •  Awarded Best Body Scrub in Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2019
  •  Leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed
  •  Smell delicious with this tangerine and grapefruit scrub
  •  Made with repurposed coffee grounds from London cafes
  •  Sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free, UK-made

Green People Pure Luxe Body Oil 50ml

Unlock the secret to an unrivalled skin glow and a beautiful, satin-soft finish with this perfecting organic body oil.

 Enriched with 23 beauty-enhancing actives for radiant skin

  • Luxurious botanicals nourish and lock in moisture to firm and illuminate
  • Rich in Phospholipids which deliver benefits direct to cells for superior skin radiance
  • Pomegranate oil has powerful antioxidant properties to improve skin elasticity and nourish dry skin
  • Neroli revives skin at a cellular level, smoothing and toning the skin
  • 84% certified organic ingredients
  • Concentrated formula: a little goes a long way